Rebuilding Large Crimper and Tube Staker


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Heat Exchanger Equipment

Heat Exchanger Manufacturing Systems & Equipment


Ahaus has a full line of production systems for heat exchangers, radiators, heater cores, evaporators or condensers. From design to build of the equipment, assembly to runoff, we provide the complete process to complete the heat exchanger assembly process.

We produce standard core builders, fin mills, tank crimpers and leak testing machines. Capabilities range from heater cores to large truck radiators and lean manufacturing to automotive matrix assembly. Utilizing the latest versions of 3D modeling software, Ahaus design engineers can bring quality equipment to life in very short lead times. For our customers, this results in world-class products that will last for years.

Ahaus can provide complete heat exchanger manufacturing systems or components, including:

  • Crimp dies and presses
  • Modular crimping
  • Core builders, semi-automatic and matrix
  • Leak test equipment
  • Full assembly or robotic systems
  • Fin mills