Turbine Blade Inspection Fixture


“Thanks for the job well done. Even last week, I would not have bet that we would have hit this home run! I consider this a home run with both lifters installed, operators trained and Ahaus  supporting the training of both shifts.”
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Equipment reliability, plant availability and maximum efficiency are of utmost importance in the power generation industry. The gas turbine and its performance are critical to profitability.

Gas Turbine Machining and Inspection
For more than 25 years, Ahaus has been providing the fixtures and specialty machines to inspect, maintain and restore gas turbine blades to original or even better operating performance. Over this period, Ahaus engineers and technicians have developed an inside knowledge of the design criteria, datum schemes, tolerances and other parameters of gas turbine engine components. Our machinists and fabricators have gained the experience and expertise required to successfully address the issues related to high temperature steel alloys.

Examples of the types of equipment we have furnished to the gas turbine industry include:

  • Vane inspection fixtures
  • Blade inspection fixtures
  • Vane repair machines to restore vanes to original dimensional tolerances
  • Frequency blocks for blade testing
  • Lift assist equipment
  • Machining fixtures
  • Welding fixtures
  • Inspection gages

Wind Turbine Components and Assemblies
Recently, Ahaus has expanded into alternative or green energy by providing products to the wind power generation industry. These include critical tolerance machined parts, lift assist assemblies, shipping and handling assemblies along with assembly aid devices for many of the components and systems installed in the nacelle of wind turbine generators.