Finite Element Analysis

Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is a process that allows engineers to analyze products, parts and pieces to ensure that they are capable of performing tasks for clients. During the design process, our team uses FEA as deflection and stress analyses to ensure proper structure anddetermine if the proposed part is capable of doing the job as intended. Ahaus designs are accurate because finite element analysis simulates different situations and applications that a machine or part may face when in use by the customer. FEA has many different applicationsand can be implemented in all aspects of the tooling and manufacturing industry.
Workholding solutions are often used to increase productivity and achieve accurate and consistent results. These solutions and fixtures can be analyzed using FEA to test the clamp design. FEA allows engineers to see if the part will function correctly as designed or if the pressure is too much or too little for the clamp to work effectively and meet the customer’s needs. The rotation of fixtures and parts can also be analyzed during the design process through FEA. This analysis helps engineers to decide whether a designed part can handle the speed of the rotation or if the speed needs to be reevaluated for maximum efficiency. Another application of FEA is in assembly and specialty equipment machines. When designing a machine, it is important for engineers to ensure that its base is strong enough to handle the forces that will be put on it by the rest of the machine.
We know any machine is only as strong as the parts it is built of, and FEA gives Ahaus engineers and designers opportunities to look at each piece to see if the design works well in relation to the rest of the machine before finalizing machine designs. FEA allows engineers to provide customers with products and parts that are proven to work efficiently, with no guesswork involved, while also speeding up the design process. This type of analysis also allows engineers to test spin speeds, pressure levels and more to provide customers with numbers and ranges for the best performance of their machine.
Machines and parts that are run through complete finite element analysis during the design process will do what they are intended to do and perform reliably and efficiently. For more information about the applications of FEA, watch this videoor contact Ahaus Tool and Engineering.