Workholding and the Challenges of Device Design for the Medical Industry

Ahaus’ products and services are increasingly being applied to the challenges of designing for the medical industry, which continues to thrive and grow on an exponential scale due to the constant rise in innovations and inventions in development. It’s an exciting time to be in medical design, and Ahaus is a leading provider of workholding solutions for the industry.

We are currently involved in a number of ongoing projects with prominent medical design companies. One of our customers, a leading designer of joint replacement technologies, has entrusted us to make fixture clamping solutions for their manufacturing process to hold various components in place while they are being machined. Because of the company’s high rate of production, as well as the high level of product variation necessary, the company relies on Ahaus to deliver consistent, precise machining fixture solutions on a regular basis. We’ve maintained this productive relationship for many years.

Our dedication to consistency and precision has given us a reputation that we work hard to maintain. We are currently providing workholding solutions for a leading artificial heart valveand cardiac surgery manufacturer. These workholding fixtures hold the leaflets that go into an artificial heart during the manufacturing process. As one can imagine, this is extremely exacting and demanding work, and our customer understandably maintains a very high rate of acceptance. This is a zero-defect, zero-variation project. From a quality assurance aspect on Ahaus’ part, the fact that we have maintained a good relationship with this manufacturer for many years proves that our engineers and manufacturing personnel are dedicated to meeting the challenges and expectations of the demanding medical design industry.

Because of the high level of precision necessary in the industry, companies need to be able to trust their manufacturing partners. These companies seek partners who are honest and totally confident in the products and services they provide. Here at Ahaus, we work hard to develop those relationships with our customers and gain their trust. It takes time and a lot of effort, but we know it’s worth it. We’re not in it for the short term and the quick buck. We’re about building — and maintaining — good relationships, and providing precise, reliable products.

Ahaus’ workholding and special machining fixture solutions are customized to meet the needs of every job. Whether applied to medical design, automotive, power generation or any other industry, our customers trust us to deliver consistent, precise products and services.