Case Study: Building a Semi-automated Bushing Press Machine to Keep Manufacturing Rolling

Sometimes a company comes to Ahaus with a specific production need and an idea of how to address it. Ahaus steps in to turn those ideas into automated or semi-automated cells that resolve the manufacturing challenge. Other times, however, a manufacturer comes to Ahaus with nothing more than a need, giving Ahaus’ engineering staff both the challenge and the freedom to start with a blank sheet solution. One of those cases is described in this video that details how Ahaus built a semi-automated bushing press machine for a suspension manufacturing company.
Each time Ahaus is presented with a manufacturing challenge, our engineers come up with a solution that’s as unique as the needs and circumstances of the client. For the suspension company in this case study, the mission was critical. Creating suspension parts comprises the vast majority of the company’s business. At the same time, volume demands were not extremely high, so the final solution created by Ahaus was a semi-automated bushing press machine that completed the multiple steps necessary to produce the finished part efficiently in three minutes, with the input of the machine operator. In the past, Ahaus has manufactured fully automatic cells that produce finished parts without an operator’s involvement and in a much shorter time frame. But in this case, a semi-automated approach proved to provide the right balance of cost, complexity and production capability to meet the client’s needs.
Regardless of what solution the Ahaus engineering staff devises to solve your manufacturing challenges, you can be sure it will be fully tested before it goes on your assembly line. Ahaus tests its solutions to standards higher than the customer’s needs, then it makes sure the equipment is installed properly and performs its job in your factory. Beyond day one, Ahaus stands behind its jobs with a one-year warranty, too. All of this means you can have confidence that you will get a fully tested and proven solution, backed by ongoing support if needed.