Custom Manufacturing Equipment Built From Lasting Customer Relationships

One of the strengths of Ahaus is our long-standing customer relationships. Our engineers and designers work in tandem with our customers to build the best precision machining fixtures, power generation and automation equipment we can. It’s important that we are able to work closely with our customers, because they best know their problems, pain points, requirements and operations; the more we can understand their processes, the better we can design equipment for them.
Ahaus is a family business, and some of our customer relationships started with one generation and have been passed down through at least two generations. Maintaining long-term relationships is important to us because it gives Ahaus engineers and designers the ability to expand knowledge bases about ongoing projects, allowing faster automation equipment design and delivery. In addition, it helps us build more accurate and efficient machines and workholding fixtures.
One of our customer relationships that goes back 25 years is a manufacturer that makes plastic drainage pipes in North and South America. Recently, Ahaus was brought on to build an improved version of an existing piece of equipment. We took a team of designers and engineers to study the existing machine and all its requirements. Our engineers wereable to take ideas and notions from the previous equipment and improve upon them at a significantly lower cost. We were also able to meet their needs for a variety of different locations.
Over time, thanks to the success of the equipment we designed and the relationship we built with the customer, Ahaus is now nearly fully integrated with the customer’s machining process, creating the molds for producing the black plastic pipe and the automation equipment and machines in which those molds run, as well as building the auxiliary equipment to cut the pipe to length.
Ahaus engineers and designers in all areas, from sales to manufacturing, applications to controls, are committed to building great working relationships with our customers, and personal relationships as well. We think it goes a long way toward producing quality products and being able to enjoy the process, too.