Robot Integration: Automated Assembly on Another Level

The implementation of robotics in manufacturing is possibly the best thing to happen to the industry since the invention of the assembly line. Robot integration in the manufacturing and machining process improves efficiency and safety, and significantly increases revenue thanks to its groundbreaking speed and accuracy. The future of automation equipment is in robotics. The latest robotic equipment is extremely … Read More

A Culture Change at Ahaus: Raising the Bar

Ahaus recently went through a self-imposed culture change. We wanted to make sure we hadn’t lost sight of why we do what we do, and that we were capable of delivering to our customers what we had been promising. It’s not that we weren’t already getting things done on time, on budget and with our customers’ expectations as priority number … Read More

Precision Assembly Equipment Minimizes Manufacturing Defects

Since the first automobile assembly lines began to operate over a century ago, captains of industry have continuously sought more effective and efficient ways to produce their products. Process adjustments and upgrades to machinery during those early years gradually led to increases in production and a decline in product defects. The machinery used during the early days of automobile production … Read More