Ahaus' History of Custom Machining Services

William AhausFor more than 70 years, Ahaus Tool and Engineering has been offering customers high-quality solutions to challenging manufacturing, tooling and automation equipment needs. Ahaus Tool and Engineering works with customers through conceptual design, engineering, service and support to meet their specific requirements. The company offers a broad range of custom products and services categorized as: automation equipment; workholding solutions / workholding fixtures; machining services / machining fixtures; heat exchanger equipment; and power generation equipment.

Ahaus Garage 1948Operating out of his red two-car garage, William Ahaus and his son, Irvin, started the firm as Ahaus Tool Company in November of 1946. During the 1950s and ‘60s, research and development was integrated into the company’s services and remains an invaluable part of the business today.

In the 1970s and 1980s, Ahaus introduced NC and CNC milling technology to the shop floor and the company began manufacturing core builder, radiator assembly and heat exchanger equipment. With Ahaus’s unique engineering capabilities and abilities to meet close tolerance requirements, the company has achieved many notable accomplishments such as the development of special equipment and the process to attach plastic tanks to an aluminum radiator assembly for the Ford Motor Company. This achievement expanded Ahaus’s opportunities to engineer, design and build heat exchanger equipment for a variety of manufacturers throughout the world.

To broaden its opportunities, especially in the design and build sector, Ahaus Tool and Engineering purchased land and constructed a new facility in Richmond’s Eastern Industrial Park where the company resides today. Following further land purchases and new additions to the facility, the plant increased in size from its original 18,000 sq. ft. in 1979 to its present size of 74,000 sq. ft. The continued growth in the design and build sector prompted the development of an engineering department, which was initiated in 1983 and remains an instrumental element to Ahaus’s success.

Along with the expansion of computerized machining services and CNC milling equipment, Ahaus has ventured into new opportunities over the last 20 years, including alternative energy source research. An example of Ahaus work in this area was the manufacture of components for nuclear fusion research with the goal of using sea water as the fuel to generate electricity.

With such engineering capabilities, Ahaus will continue to be a leader in developing the best custom machining solutions for manufacturing, tooling and automation equipment needs.

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