Precision Machining


When you can’t machine parts in house, for whatever reason, finding the right partner can be tough. You need precision machining done quickly and at a high level of quality, or you’ll lose time and resources – maybe even a customer.

Ahaus Tool and Engineering, Inc. has been in the business of relationships for 75 years. Relationships with suppliers, customers, apprentices, employees, and our community have all shaped us to be a company that knows what it feels like to have people counting on you.

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Need an Expert?

Our sales engineers have a combined 61 years of experience at Ahaus. We are always excited to work with you on new, custom projects that meet your unique needs.
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Need the Proof?

To learn more about our capabilities, the best way is to review our recent work. From simple to complex, the results of these projects speak for themselves.
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Machined for Precision

We will help you assess your machining needs including tolerance and correct tooling, and then we will communicate with you through our dedicated project engineering team members until your parts are delivered. Clarifying your needs and understanding your goals and measurables are key to providing a long-lasting, precise solution that solves problems today and tomorrow.

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Developed for Quality

You are the expert on your product, and we are your guide through the process. We want to create a partnership to keep both of our organizations moving forward. We invest in and train great people to do great work, and you get the results. Our veteran machinists work alongside apprentices, ensuring that our commitment to quality machining will continue for decades to come with no lapse in skill.

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Built for good.

Our projects stand the test of time – it’s why our work is still in production of manufacturing floors decades after commissioning. We invest in and train great people to do great work, and you get the results. Your dedicated project engineer will ensure friendly and helpful communication throughout the life of the project – even after it hits your manufacturing floor.

“I just finished dry running the fixture. Everything looks good. You guys did a fantastic job. I have yet to run a fixture like this where I have not had to trim a little here or there for clearance.”

National Machine Tool and Inspection Equipment Company

Case Studies

It’s Our Mission: Customer Success

Sometimes a company comes to Ahaus with a specific production need and an idea of how to address it. In those cases, we work in tandem with that customer to resolve the manufacturing challenge. Other times, however, a manufacturer comes to Ahaus with nothing more than a need, giving Ahaus’ engineering staff both the challenge and the freedom to start with a blank sheet solution. From simple to complex, the results of these projects speak for themselves.


Quality Statements: Achieve success by delivering effective, reliable, and timely solutions for our customers.

Our Quality Objectives:
  • On time delivery
  • Low warranty cost
  • Low rework cost
  • Sustainable cost of good sold