In the medical industry, precision, quality, and repeatability are of utmost importance to ensure the medical devices provide the health and safety needs of the patients and the exacting requirements of the doctors, surgeons, and practitioners which rely on these devices.

At Ahaus, we have a long history of providing workholding and automation solutions to help manufacture, assemble, and test products such as artificial knee and hip joints, components for artificial heart valves, surgical devices, and compensators used in radiation therapy.

“Thanks for the job well done. Even last week, I would not have bet that we would have hit this home run! I consider this a home run with both lifters installed, operators trained and Ahaus supporting the training of both shifts.”

Leading Manufacturer of Engines and Related Technologies


Case Studies

It’s Our Mission: Customer Success

Sometimes a company comes to Ahaus with a specific production need and an idea of how to address it. In those cases, we work in tandem with that customer to resolve the manufacturing challenge. Other times, however, a manufacturer comes to Ahaus with nothing more than a need, giving Ahaus’ engineering staff both the challenge and the freedom to start with a blank sheet solution. From simple to complex, the results of these projects speak for themselves.


Quality Statement:
Achieve success by delivering effective, reliable, and timely solutions for our customers.

Our Quality Objectives:
  • On time delivery
  • Low warranty cost
  • Low rework cost
  • Sustainable cost of good sold