Automation Equipment: A Boon to Production

Over the last century, technology has evolved at a seemingly exponential rate. IT systems and computerized devices continue to decrease in size as they increase in both power and capability. We are now able to access and share endless quantities of information at the press of a few buttons in a wide variety of formats. Similarly, modern automation equipment is extremely reliable and increasingly efficient. It can perform functions at a level of agility that is nothing less than astonishing.
Ahaus’ extensive experience with industrial automation equipment means we can insightfully design and build special automated equipment that delivers practical, economical solutions for our customers.
The Automation Generation
We live in a time of human history where we have designed, constructed and perfected machines to do much of the “heavy lifting” for us.
Many industries have realized significant benefits from having incorporated automated machinery into their processes. This specialized equipment is used in the mining, food and pharmaceutical industries, to name just a few. The automotive industry is also well known for its use of automated assembly equipment and robotic systems. But in no other area has automation equipment made such a resounding impact than the manufacturing field.
Automated machinery not only accelerates the rate of production within a manufacturing endeavor, it maximizes process efficiencies while minimizing labor costs. Robotic equipment also contributes to the health and safety of workers by executing tasks deemed to be too dangerous for humans.
We have come a long way from the days when conveyor belt systems were considered “cutting edge.” Modern-day manufacturing operations make use of automated machinery and workholding fixtures to manipulate, process and transport products with more speed, accuracy and repeatability than ever before. And the next wave of robotic technology lies just around the corner.
For more than a quarter-century, Ahaus Tool and Engineering has been designing and building special equipment and assembly automation equipment. You can watch a video case study on our automation equipment here.