Precision Assembly Equipment Minimizes Manufacturing Defects

Since the first automobile assembly lines began to operate over a century ago, captains of industry have continuously sought more effective and efficient ways to produce their products. Process adjustments and upgrades to machinery during those early years gradually led to increases in production and a decline in product defects. The machinery used during the early days of automobile production … Read More

Precision Machining and Testing Improve Heat Exchanger Reliability

A heat exchanger is used to regulate temperature by transferring heat from fluid to fluid; gas to fluid; fluid to gas; or gas to gas. These devices come in a broad range of sizes and configurations and use various techniques to perform their functions. Heat exchangers are designed according to whatever a particular application requires. “Shell-and-tube” style heat exchangers, which … Read More

Robotic Systems Developing More of a “Feel” for the Work

Automation equipment can be found in factories, manufacturing facilities and industrial settings of every kind. More specifically, robotic systems are used in endeavors such as material handling, metal forming, polishing, painting and even surgery. But most often, these special machines are associated with assembly work. The programming methods and capabilities of early robotic systems were crude by today’s standards. With … Read More