Precision Machining

Ahaus Tool & Engineering is known as a one-stop shop for all machining services.We like to handle anything from automation and workholding production to mechanical designing to installation and inspection. However, precision machining is the “black sheep” in the machining industry. This method is the most difficultbecause producing products with close tolerances and critical dimensions is a demanding work of art, as well as science. Now, imagine taking this intricate process and applying it to the life-saving medical field. Talk about pressure! But that’s where Ahaus excels: mastering the jobs not everyone enjoys or can handle.
With a long history in precision machining, Ahaus has produced end products for the automotive, agriculture, construction and many other various industries aside from the medical field. However, working on medical instruments, devices and implants adds another layer of complexity to the production because of the intense attention to detail. The health care industry has regulations, certifications and standards that must be met in order for products to be suitable for interaction with patients. There are high risks with any precision machining, especially in the health care industry, but there is also a high reward for successfully executing the finished product.
One example of a precision machining project we have tackled in the past was an artificial heart valve. The accuracy that goes into this machining literally has someone’s life on the line. For the heart valve, we needed to machine a series of five fixtures, and all five parts needed to be held within .0002 of an inch from each other. Pulling off that level of precision is difficult, but we fulfilled the client’s order and achieved the same precision on multiple parts, one after another.
Once a CAD drawing gets submitted, it is exciting to apply our experience and new innovations to deliver something a client did not know was possible. From heart valves to hip implants and medical instruments, we like to apply our precision machining expertise to produce reliable results. The complexity of the human body sometimes needs complexly designed resources, so turn to an experienced, expert firm. Drop us a line online to see how Ahaus can help you meet the highest standards in the medical industry.