What can custom machining do for my business?

custom machining process with debris thrown about

Early versions of CNC (computer numerical control) machining date back to the 1940s and 50s. But this technology, which gives machining professionals greater precision and efficiency compared to manual controls and patterns, really took off in the 1980s and 90s.

Since those early days of next-generation CNC custom machining and workholding solutions, the technology has continued to evolve. In addition to technological improvements like 5-axis machining, automation and human operator training have been key to this rapid growth of custom machining developments.

The sophistication of modern custom machining makes it possible to precisely manufacture almost any item you can imagine. This could be an individually machined part, the mold for other parts, or it could be the part that holds other parts that require further machining—a prime example of a workholding solution.

“Custom machining for our client partners means creating unique products ranging from a small precision part to a larger part that may be a machine base for one of the assembly machines that we have the full capability of building in-house,” says Ahaus Tool & Engineering president and co-owner Kevin Ahaus.

“Really, you can describe what we make through custom machining as: everything from the size of an artificial heart valve leaflet to the size of a car,” continued Ahaus.

custom machined partsThe custom machining industry has flourished in recent decades because it allows businesses to design and fabricate components that previously did not exist quickly and effectively. That is, you can have a tool and engineering company specializing in custom machining, such as Ahaus, truly customize something that can’t be found anywhere else.

It’s your own vision, your own design, your own creation … as manufactured by Ahaus and individually tailored to your custom specifications.

“Be it a part for a mass-produced car, or a component to a popular audio device,” adds Ahaus manufacturing manager Steve Zoda, “we’re making products that not everyone sees right in front of them. But they’re certainly things that touch so many people’s lives: from consumers to the automotive industry, to appliances, and packaging.”

“Those kinds of essential everyday products that keep so much of our modern technological world running are proudly made at Ahaus,” continued Zoda. “Practically everything you can think of, from home HVAC parts to standard tools that regular, average consumers use are made at places like Ahaus. And we do it here through our eight decades of expert machining.”

The tech behind CNC custom machining has evolved profoundly since the 1980s. You can perform jobs much faster than you could have even ten years ago. It is particularly the machine and cutting tools—as well as automation capabilities in general—that have become so much more efficient to implement, leading to a greater proficiency in workholding and custom machining solutions today. With constant rapid development in the custom machining industry, it is imperative for manufacturing companies to have a tooling and engineering partner that is committed to the education and development of its workforce and the adoption of innovative technologies, processes, and operational philosophies.

“With everything in the industry moving so quickly,” Zoda goes on to say, “it can be difficult to find the people you need to work with who can do the job right. Which is why you need to maximize the talent and skill level you have. This is extremely important to us at Ahaus, as showcased by our rigorous on-the-job apprenticeship program that has served us so well for over forty years.”

“Our capabilities at Ahaus allow us to perform high speed machining, 5-axis machining, or conventional 3-axis machining,” explains Ahaus. “So, we have full capabilities in all of these areas and are excited to work with new collaborative clients who are looking to create with us products that have never been seen before. That’s what, at its very best, custom machining can accomplish.”

To find out how Ahaus can work with you on your custom machining needs, contact one of our Sales Engineers.