Weld Fixture

Hydraulic Construction Fixture

This fixture and hydraulics are mounted on a cart so it is easily moved in the work station. The height is adjustable for different operators that might be working in the cell as well as … Read More

Automotive Suspension Fixtures

Automotive Suspension Fixtures

These fixtures are designed to be robot loaded with continuous hydraulics using an overhead rotary union. The fixtures also feature air sense part confirmation at each nest and a casted tombstone for vibration dampening.

Large Hydraulic Fixture

Large Hydraulic Fixture

This is a large hydraulic fixture designed to handle multiple part numbers. Because of the customers need of low volume and a large part range this fixture is designed with linear rails so there is … Read More

Pallet Transfer Machine

A leading automotive manufacturer came to Ahaus looking for a way to drastically reduce the cycle time that they were encountering when milling each one of the stamped aluminum sheets (used to make truck doors), … Read More

Knuckle Fixture

An electric automotive manufacturer came to Ahaus with a tough project needing custom clamping to properly brace the battery box. The team at Ahaus had several internal meetings to determine the best way to hold … Read More

Radiator Crimp Cells

Ahaus recently completed a project for one of the world’s 20 largest suppliers to the automotive industry. Our team designed and built an automated robotic crimping cell for radiators and tanks. The customer needed a … Read More

Wet Seal Packs for Shocks

In the summer of 2017, Ahaus designed and built a semi-automated machine for a global company in the field of suspension design, driving comfort, and safety. The Ahaus machine was similar to others we had … Read More

Automated Knife Weld Assembly

Ahaus recently worked with a contract medical manufacturing company with advanced capabilities to produce complex medical devices and implants. The customer desired integration with their current welding equipment, load flexibility, and poke yokes and inspection … Read More

Hydraulic Housing Fixtures

Ahaus was selected to design and build fixtures for a global leader in the design, engineering, validation and manufacturing of driveline, metal forming, powertrain, and casting technologies for automotive, commercial and industrial markets. This customer … Read More

Roll and Clinch Station

A nationally recognized industrial and residential HVAC manufacturer came to Ahaus requesting an update to their current equipment to achieve better ergonomics and an updated way of clinching the part, saving time and money. Ahaus … Read More

Automated Headlight Assembly Machine

A global automotive supplier contracted Ahaus in 2017 to design and build an automated machine for the assembly and inspection of headlight reflectors. The customer desired a machine that would minimize operator interface for the … Read More

Battery Cooler Assembly Cell

A globally respected energy company sought a fully automated assembly cell that would seamlessly interface with all of their current ancillary automation equipment to feed and unload the new machine. The team at Ahaus was … Read More

LED Assembly Machine

A global automotive supplier contracted Ahaus in 2017 to design and build semi-automated workstations for the assembly of headlight projectors. The machines work as individual sub-assembly stations to build and test a complete headlight projector … Read More