What is 30 seconds worth? If it reduces production time by 25 percent, a lot.

What is 30 seconds worth? It’s less time than you probably spend waiting for your morning coffee to brew or sitting at stop lights on your morning commute, all before you even begin your work day. When you look at it that way, 30 seconds doesn’t seem like much.
But in the context of an automated production line, a savings of 30 seconds in a process that takes around two minutes is huge. If the right know-how and technology is applied to save 30 seconds in that case, a 25 percent improvement can been achieved. In today’s competitive business environment, where margins are often dangerously thin, a boost in productivity of 25 percent is substantial. And suddenly 30 seconds starts to look pretty impressive, too.
The reason we’re talking about 30 seconds is because that’s roughly the amount of time Ahaus was able to save a client by creating an auto EGRC assembly cell that brought production time down from around 124 seconds to 85–88 seconds. The client was producing EGR heat exchanger parts for diesel engines and wanted to be able to increase production with a more efficient auto EGRC assembly cell. Ahaus was able to deliver for the client by bringing all of its resources to bear on the task to find better ways to complete the job. The final auto EGRC assembly cell beat the benchmark of 90 seconds and was online and producing ahead of schedule. To see more about this specific case study, watch this Ahaus video on YouTube.
While this particular job drew on Ahaus’ lengthy experience building heat exchanger equipment for the automotive industry and other manufacturers, Ahaus has grown over the years from a family business launched in a garage in 1946 to a diversified company with a competent engineering department, in addition to its 65,000-square-foot plant. What this means is that Ahaus is capable of providing a wide range of solutions in automation equipment, workholding fixtures, machining fixtures, and more.
While you may not need an auto EGRC assembly cell, your company probably could use a 25 percent boost in productivity in some part of your manufacturing processes. Contact Ahaus Tool & Engineering online or call (765) 962-3573 and let’s talk about how Ahaus can automate and improve your company’s manufacturing processes, and maybe even save you a valuable 30 seconds.