Meet our Project Engineers

Project engineers are the architects of precision and efficiency in our workholding solutions. Ahaus is proud to have a team of experienced project engineers who are deftly skilled at providing unique workholding solutions and automation systems to our customers around the country. We thought it might be helpful to shed light on the professionals instrumental in crafting our innovative engineering approaches.

“We see project management as a key ingredient in the secret sauce that allows Ahaus to deliver high-quality and creative solutions in a timely manner,” says Vice President Jeff Sheridan. If you are an Ahaus customer, you’ll be in constant contact with your project engineer (PE), and that relationship will start early in the sales process and through runoff, installation, and validation in the field. Our PEs are skilled craftsmen and engineers who also happen to have expertise in communication and relationship building. They have experience in medical device manufacturing, workholding, automation across many industries including automotive, aerospace, energy, agriculture, and more.

Our project engineers (PEs) bring a unique blend of technical proficiency and interpersonal skills to the table. As your primary point of contact throughout the entire process, they seamlessly integrate their engineering expertise with effective communication and relationship-building abilities.

Get to know our project engineers:

Branden Mathews, from Ahaus project engineers team


Branden has been a PE at Ahaus for over 5 years, and is currently an NCO in the Air Force Reserves who was recently accepted to become an officer for Civil Engineering. Branden and his wife have two kids, Ellie age 7 & Gabe age 5. They also operate their small farm business & officiate USA Track & Field meets.

Branden finds joy at work in delivering a project that meets the customer’s needs and having a satisfied team at the end of it, and one thing he wants customers to know about Ahaus is a heavily community-driven business and that a project with us not only supports our internal team, but also supports the surrounding community through our involvement in the Boys & Girls Club, other youth organizations, the United Way, and many more philanthropic endeavors.

Mark Engle, from Ahaus project engineers team


For 17 years at Ahaus, Mark has been a steady hand with peers and customers alike. He describes his work as managing multiple jobs concurrently: working as a liaison between Ahaus and customer, working with our team and well as the customer throughout engineering, manufacturing, build and after shipment, and being involved in decisions throughout the entire life of the project. He loves the people he gets to work with at Ahaus as well as on the customer side. When not at work, you’ll find him on the golf course, watching the LA Rams, or enjoying Star Wars movies. He’s also a family man – he has been married to Jennifer for 31 years, and they have three children in their 20’s: Kurt, Maggi, and Abby, and three grandchildren: Riley (6), Bently (4) and Mateo (1).

Jeremy Isaacs, from Ahaus project engineers team


The newest member of the team, Jeremy has been at Ahaus for 2 years. He loves his new role as a PE, because he enjoys interacting with all aspects of the business. He is proud of how hard the team at Ahaus works to satisfy the customer, but also how hard we work to improve our processes so we continually improve.

When he’s not at work, he spends time with his family, who enjoy playing games. He and his wife have just taught their two daughters how to play euchre, which seems to be the go-to game lately.

Whether you are looking for a partner for your workholding, automation, or machining needs, Ahaus and our PEs are here to serve you. To get more information, reach out to us at