Excavator Stick Custom Workholding Fixture

Ahaus Tool & Engineering employs a group of project engineers and design engineers with a number of years of expertise in the workholding fixture industry. From hydraulics operation to part placement, our experienced engineers work closely with each and every client to produce fixtures that streamline project workflow and overall fixture efficiency.
The Excavator Stick Workholding Fixture is one of the many custom workholding fixtures designed by Ahaus Tool & Engineering. This fixture was designed for a machine tool manufacturer. Its multi-axis design allows the fixture to hold all of the parts in one location. During the design process, it was important for Ahaus engineering experts and designers to look at every individual part and figure out a way to hold them on a common fixture. The fixture was designed to run four different parts with contrasting sizes and variations, making it essential to perform adjustments to account for machining placements and holes.
Because each customer is different and has unique needs, it is important to create fixtures that work not just for the industry, but also for the specific job at hand. While working on a custom fixture for a client, Ahaus designers begin by meeting with the client’s team to discuss their expectations, requirements, and any design features that they would like to see in the fixture. After the meeting, the designers get to work designing the fixture based on what had been discussed. The design is reviewed and, once it’s been approved, it moves into the build stage and then the runoff stage. The overall expected outcome for each custom fixture designed by Ahaus is a successful fixture that holds the part for the machining process and that the customer can use to maintain cycle times and print tolerances.
For more information about the Excavator Stick Workholding Fixture, please watch this video. Ahaus works with machine tool manufacturers, distributors and other users to meet their needs, including positioning, placement, number of parts, deflection and machine forces. If you are interested in a custom workholding fixture for your company, please contact Ahaus Tool & Engineering online or call 765-962-3573.