Involving Our Customers Every Step of the Way

Heat Exchanger Manufacturing
Ahaus has been in the heat exchanger business since the late 70s. We have long developed semi-standard machines that were always customized to the customer’s needs. It helps to have a great team of some really creative people here with a lot of capability, but every project’s success always starts with our customers. We start every project by working with our customers to figure out the most effective way to accomplish the fit, function and error-proofing they need.
A customer came to Ahaus requesting a universal crimper that could run more than one part. The crimpers that Ahaus produces are for crimping tanks onto a heat exchanger core. That core could be similar to the radiator, heater core, or charge air cooler that you would find in your car or truck.
The customer gave us the dimensions of the different parts that they would run, and we designed a machine around those dimensions that would be capable at some point to run all the various parts. The machine we designed allows the customer to go from one part type to another with a very quick turnaround of a half an hour or less with minimal tooling cost.
If the customer has other products down the road that fit inside their machine size criteria, they won’t have to buy another machine, just the tooling, which Ahaus will install.
“When we take on a project, we do a kick-off meeting with our customer first to get them involved, and then we keep them involved as if they were part of our company,” said Eric McCombs, project engineer. “We have an approval process that we go through that also involves our customer. Once our customer sees that they’re getting what they need in the approval process, we go ahead and detail the equipment out, release it, and of course it goes through another approval internally before it hits the floor to make sure that all of their requirements are met.”
Before delivering anything to a customer, we always invite them to see their requested product in action and in-person. It is important to Ahaus’ tool makers and engineers that our customers see the steps we take and our commitment to detail and quality.
And of course, we want our customers to know if they need anything, we’re just a phone call away.