The Importance of Workholding, and Looking to the Future

Whether cut, drilled, shaped or machined, the goal of any manufacturing process is to produce consistently precise products. An unquestionably important but relatively unacknowledged aspect of the manufacturing process is the workholding fixtures used to … Read More

Robot Integration

Since the first robotic arms began to appear on assembly lines, concerns have rippled throughout the workforce in regard to robots one day taking the place of human workers on a large scale. Thankfully, we … Read More

The Ahaus Advantage

Automated Machine Builders Ahaus Tool & Engineering has been offering customers high-quality solutions to challenging manufacturing, tooling and automation equipment needs for more than 60 years. We have the ability to work with our customers … Read More

Involving Our Customers Every Step of the Way

Heat Exchanger Manufacturing Ahaus has been in the heat exchanger business since the late 70s. We have long developed semi-standard machines that were always customized to the customer’s needs. It helps to have a great … Read More

Turbine Blade Inspection Fixture

A major power generation company came to Ahaus because they needed a fixture that could inspect turbine blades. These turbine blades often get bent or damaged in the field, and the company needed an efficient … Read More