Employee Profile: Ahaus Controls Engineer Kevin Tilton

Kevin Tilton, controls engineer at Ahaus, has been with the company since 1992. Tilton performs an extremely important function of our machine building process: he designs the electrical interfaces and mechanical controls that human operators use to control the machines. At the start of a new project, Tilton’s first goal is to review the customer’s specifications and lead the mechanical … Read More

Workholding and the Challenges of Device Design for the Medical Industry

Ahaus’ products and services are increasingly being applied to the challenges of designing for the medical industry, which continues to thrive and grow on an exponential scale due to the constant rise in innovations and inventions in development. It’s an exciting time to be in medical design, and Ahaus is a leading provider of workholding solutions for the industry. We … Read More

The Ahaus Apprenticeship Program — Thoughts from the Coordinator

The Ahaus Apprenticeship Program is a nationally accredited education program for toolmakers and CNC machinists. We’ve been offering the program for more than 30 years, because we believe training and development, as well as a passionate work culture, is essential for any successful business. Mark Moistner is the coordinator of the Ahaus Apprenticeship program, overseeing and personally mentoring every student … Read More

The Importance of Workholding, and Looking to the Future

Whether cut, drilled, shaped or machined, the goal of any manufacturing process is to produce consistently precise products. An unquestionably important but relatively unacknowledged aspect of the manufacturing process is the workholding fixtures used to keep a part in place as the part goes through the various levels of production. Workholding devices come in the form of vices, grippers, chucks, … Read More